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Monday, July 24, 2017

Time really flies!

It always amazes me how time just seems to fly by and I can never seem to accomplish as much as I think I will be able to accomplish!  Always beginnings have the best intentions, and then life seems to get in the way and before you know it things are just slipping away.  Since my last post so many things have happened that I really don't know where to begin so............Yes I still have my quilt shop and I'm so very happy that I have been open now for over 2 years and I know that many quilt shops do not survive even the first year let alone the second.  God has been good to me. 

Second, there have been many classes taught at the shop and some of those classes I am extremely proud of all the people who have taken them.  We have completed a Marti Mechelle Block of the Month Program called Jamestown.

I love getting pictures of the ladies and their completed blocks.  Everyone had different colors and the quilts turned out beautifully and didn't even look like they were made from the same pattern when they were put together!  Lois did a great job.

Linda's blocks were always fun!

Another Jamestown block.

 In addition to the Jamestown Block of the Month Program we also have been working on an Arcadia Avenue Pattern from Sassafras Lane.  This has been very interesting.  One of the greatest things that I believe we have done is allow people to pick their own fabric for the Block of the Month Programs.  They are allowed to use from their stash too so all of the quilts reflect more the of makers personal identity and what colors she chooses.  I would guess that they all are in love with these wonderful quilts.
A block from the Sassafras Lane Arcadia Avenue Pattern.  Not nearly as difficult as most people think for a paper pieced project.  The finished quilt will be vibrant and warm!

In addition to that we have done some really wonderful projects like our purses!
It has been a wonderful few months and there are lots more projects that are making their way to the store.  We are involved in getting all of our Christmas Projects ready for everyone to see and we will also be trying to help make these projects affordable for everyone. 

As if all of this isn't enough to keep us busy, we are also involved with the First Annual Quilt Expo to be held in Ringgold, GA coming up in August!  That is going to be exciting and so much fun!  Lots of vendors, lots of quilts to oh and ah over and lots of lovely quilters!  Yes I said First Annual so this is something that they are planning to have every year.  If you are nearby, or if you are a fair distance away, please make plans to attend!  I bet you won't be disappointed by what you find. 

Wishing everyone a lovely day and I won't write anymore today but will try to update more frequently in the future.  Hugs and Happy Quilting!!!