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Saturday, April 23, 2011

What to do about color?

When looking at quilts and quilted items that others have made, I am constantly amazed at the use of color in those items.  How on earth do people decide what colors to use?  I don't have the eye for color that I detect in some of my friends.  My best bud, Peggy, is really good with colors and wow she can remember colors from a year before and match it perfectly without having a sample of the fabric with her.  She's like "oh, Anna, this would go great with the print with the little flowers that I bought last year at Paducah.  Do you remember it, it has the tiny little yellow rose buds with just a hint of gold in them and the little green leaves and that touch of red just around the edge of the rose bud.  I'm like, sure you know I remember that, I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night.  I frequently take Peggy with me when I'm going to pick out fabric for a quilt.

What happens when Peggy isn't available?  There are a few different things on which I rely.  First I make use of all the money the fabric manufactures spend on the payroll of those people they have to coordinate their lines of fabric so they all match and you have any number of varities of color options.  Then I just do the large print, small print, geometic, reads as solid and coordinating secondary color and I've got a great quilt colorwise.

Another way to utilize the money the fabric manufacturers spend is to buy a jelly roll, or a group of fat quarters, layer cakes or charm packs.  These are available at all quilting stores and you can pick up a border from that fabric and if there are no solids in the pack then pick up something that reads as a solid to go with what you have chosen.

Recently I have been on a "jelly roll trip" and I purchased some jelly rolls and have been making those strips into some really great quilts.  The profile picture is a jelly roll quilt.  One of the pictures in my borders post is the left overs from a jelly roll quilt.  I recently taught a class and we made use of a jelly roll for 3 quilts or some of the people used the blocks to make one large quilt.  Here is a picture of the quilt Jacki made from that class.  As you can see from these pictures that this is an awesome quilt.

Jacki really stepped out of her box in putting
this quilt together and did some unique things with
the sashing and cornerstones.

Jacki's Jelly Roll Quilt
 Gee, the fabric store has already sold most of the line and there are only a few colors left and just 3 I really like.  Then it's a search and find if I don't want to buy a Jelly Roll.  While I still try to go with the large print, small print, geometric, solid and secondary color scheme  I pull from a wider variety of fabric to pull in the other items I need.  Just bringing all the bolts together can really give you an ideal of the look of a finished project.

Then again I may just find one got to have fabric that is a print and build around that fabric.  Maybe it is a large floral print with a beige background.  I'm going to try to find a small print that may have a beige small design with a background that coordinates with the main color of the first large floral print.  Then I may go for a stripe with 2 or more colors of the large floral print and then I want to pick out a "read's as solid" that has the main color of the large floral print and then either a small print with one of the secondary colors in the large floral print.  None of the fabrics should clash when placed side by side. 

If I'm having trouble I will talk with the people who are working in the quilt shop.  They are always helpful and will try to help you find what you are searching for, just remember their taste and your taste may be very different, so you have to be able to say, no I just don't really like that combination, or that fabric if it is something you really dont' like.  DO NOT buy a fabric just because someone tells you it will be perfect with those other fabrics you have picked.  If you don't like it chances are you will never change your mind and this may be destined to be a UFO.  (Unfinished Object)

Pick a color palate that is pleasing to you!!  Remember everyone has different taste in colors, but if you don't like it you will not have nearly as much fun piecing your top, and that is one of the main things quilting is all about, having FUN.

If God has blessed you with a discerning eye for color, thank Him!  If He has blessed you with great friends who share wonderful ideal, thank Him!

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  1. Good ideas, Anna! I always felt like I was "cheating", using those jelly rolls and pre-coordinated fabrics, but not anymore! ;-) Btw, Happy Easter - He is Risen Indeed!