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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Well it is once again time for me to get with the program.  I'm first reposting a blog that I wrote some time ago about getting things done and some of the things that cause us to not complete things.  Those same things happen in our everyday life as well as our quilting life.  So much has happened since I first started this blog.  I retired and thought I would have more time for blogging.  Then I decided to open my own "Quilt Shop" and often wonder "what was I thinking?".  All through those things health issues got in the way with my husband's heart attack and my mother's failing health as she is now into her "golden" years.  I don't know what is suppose to be golden about them.  Mom, who was born in 1928 is getting on up in years now and no longer able to do a lot of things including drive, go shopping (groceries, clothes, etc.), she can't do a lot of housecleaning because she can't get down even near the floor to pick up things, etc.  Even loading the dishwasher is a huge chore because of the bending over and moving the step from the sink to the dishwasher and emptying it is not something that gets done because of the moving from the dishwasher the 1-2 steps to the cabinets.  She is not able to use a stool to climb up so most of the time groceries are left on the counter so she has access to them.  Enough of all that, Mom is doing okay considering her age and health issues, she just needs some help at times to get things completed and when my sisters and I are taking care of her things, that means ours are piling up.  However, I will keep plugging on.  Why you ask....because I love what I am doing and the fact that I get to see my friends old and new and my quilting buddies and I get to make new friends and play with fabric and patterns.  Yes, life has been very good to me!

I am getting ready to start a challenge at the store with the Row x Row kits and patterns that everyone has been gathering up, some of us for the past 3 years, and we haven't completed!!  The challenge is to use a block from the row from my store and create something different with one block.  Suggestions include use the block as the top of a pillow, a placemat, it could even be a potholder.  Use the block to decorate a tote or purse, or make a wall hanging from one block.  Since this is limited to my row there will be some things that you would not be able to do.  Making an entire quilt from the one block would be difficult, but this whole process is to get people to think outside of the box and see what wonderful creativity we all have inside ourselves.  I've asked people to enter their items by e-mailing me a picture, or posting it to my facebook page, or you can bring it by the store and I will make a picture.  I do ask the picture not have the face of the person who has made the item to prevent any prejudicial votes.  Each item is to be judged on the merit of the item.  Everyone who comes into the shop is asked to vote for their favorite item.  If 12 people come into the store and all 12 like your item the best then you will have 12 chances in our drawing.  The longer your item is up the more chances you have for people to like it and vote for it and have more chances in the drawing.  I ask that all items be entered by August 23rd and the drawing will take place over the Labor Day Holiday.  The prize is to be picked up at the store, or you can call me and I will mail it to you if you pay the postage.  All entries will receive a gift from the store but they must be picked up within 2 weeks from the store.  So, what is your pleasure ladies?  From totes to tea towels, the choice is yours.

Now we all know that I don't post frequently, so you can't complain that I fill your inbox up with things you don't want.  However, if you follow this page then you will be sure to get the blogs that I do write and the tutorials that I post.  I really hope you have a wonderful day and happy quilting.  I promise that next post will have some more great ideals for things to do!

Wishing you straight seams and full bobbins!