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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Something "new" for scrap batting! Something else too!

Okay, it's new to me, but you may have been using this for a while and I just didn't know about it!..This is a very nice product to help us use up those bits and pieces of batting that are just too big to toss and too little for those quilts we are making.  I'm really a very frugal person and like to use up those things that I have rather than constantly filling our landfills and purchasing more.  Yes, I'm with you Ben Franklin, a penny saved is a penny earned and it is amazing how those saving add up over time.  Okay for a picture of this new product.

As you can see it isn't very expensive when you take into consideration you are getting 10 yards of the tape and most quilts are around 100" in length so  if you have trimmed off the edges of too wide battings, just putting 2 or 3 of these may net you a batting large enough for your next quilt or maybe two will net you a couple of lap quilts.  Won't that be nice.  It really is because it's so very easy to do.

Just open the package and remove the roll of tape.  Now the next part is what I had the most trouble with.  Remove the plastic wrap around the roll.

What you will have is a roll of cloth tape and one side is rough and the other smooth.  Now please be aware that this tape is a poly blend and while it is cloth, it is not cotton.  It will melt!!  I found this out the hard way.

The above picture is a little hard to see but I hope you can make out the melted section in the middle.

Next take you batting that you want to make into one piece and align the edges on the ironing board.

Now in this picture the edges are not butted against each other which is what you want to do.  Then lay the tape over the two edges and iron using a polyester sitting on your iron.  Of course if your batting is a poly blend you are going to need to have your iron on poly anyway to keep it from melting and having hard spots.   I found quickly that I prefer to use short lengths of the tape and move it section by section.  This of course is if you don't have a big board for pressing which many people don't have since they prefer to spend their money on fabric and not accessories.

Now you may want to even up the edges of the piece but you will have a lovely large piece of batting for your next quilt or wall hanging or whatever.  One of the best parts about this is that it holds together very nicely, is not stiff, and does great with needling.  My machine sews through it and you don't even realize when you have sewn over the pieced seam.  There is no basting together and no problem with the abutted seam seperating and creating a gap in the batting inside the quilt.

Look for this product at your local quilt shop or online.  (I got my at the local quilt shop).  If you do very much quilting and have those bits and pieces of batting laying around this is a great way to use them up!!

Now guess what!!!  I found a pattern, new to me, for houseshoes.  Really great pattern that has that wonderful gripper cloth on the bottom so you don't slip.  Uses several layers of batting in the sole and this pattern is small so wonderfully small scrap pieces will do the trick!!  Look for more about this pattern later and pictures!!!

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  1. Do they have this at Sew-Bee-It? I think I'll need some for my log cabin quilt. Thanks for sharing all this good info with us :o)