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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Back

Hi everyone!

I have to say I am so sorry that I have been away so long.  I have been quilting, and quilting and quilting.  Of course I've been doing a little gardening along the way also so I've really been having a busy spring and summer.  Unfortunately I also had a computer crash, yuk, but now I have a new computer and if I can just learn how to use this thing then I've got it made.

I will not be posting any pictures of quilts today because I really don't have the hang of getting those pictures on my computer yet, but I will learn that in the next few days.

What I would like to do for just a few lines is to tell you about some of my wonderful summer quilting.  First I had received some information about a program called Quilts for Kids which I did a little research on to make sure this was a legit organization and was really impressed with what I found.  This group of volunteers amass fabric and money from their resources and then they have volunteers who match the fabric and cut out for quilts to be given to children who are ill or hurting or in extraordinary circumstances like storms or floods and have lost their homes.  There are different chapters in different states.  Since I live in Georgia I wanted to check on a Georgia Chapter of Quilts for Kids and I found one at Waycross.  The lady who heads this chapter is Cheryl and she is awesome.  I talked with her and got a package to make a quilt to donate and then presented the Organization to the members of the quilt guild to which I belong, Quilter's Etc.  It was decided that we would request 10 kits from Quilts for Kids for the Guild to sew and quilt.  We were all impressed when we found that this group in Waycross had actually donated quilts to the Tornado Victims in Ringgold, Georgia which is extreme North Georgia and Waycross is very South Georgia.  Ringgold is very close to where we all live 25-30 miles to the north and we often travel through and shop in Ringgold in addition to having friends and family that live in that area.  Our local quilt shop was also located in Ringgold and the shop was totally destroyed by the tornado.  We were very fortunate that there were very few deaths and the major damage was property damage. 

Well, I've been working on those quilts, as has some of the guild members and they are coming right along.  We will be shipping some of the completed quilts back to Waycross next week.  In addition to this outreach program the guild has been involved in providing some pillowcases for children at one of the local hospitals.  Jackie presented this to the guild and we had a wonderful response to that request.  Currently the guild is working on quilts for the Crisis Center which does not had adequate bedding for those they are sheltering.  Hopefully we will get some quilts completed for this site in the next couple of weeks.

We all love to reach out to those around us in a beneficial way so this has been a summer of outreach for us and I hope it continues on into the winter!  I'll be posting some of the pictures of the Quilts for Kids with the next posting (I hope).

In addition to that I have continued to do quilting for other people and have been saving up some pictures of those quilts so I will have something to post when the time arrives.  I've also been spending some time on Facebook which I really enjoy because it makes keeping up with friends and family so very easy!  I really think I am getting better aquainted with my relatives!  In addition to that it gives me another way to find out about the wonderful world of quilting.  I just had to like "Chattanooga Quilts" and "M'lissa Hawley".  There are also several other sites that are a real treat to visit on Facebook. 

Well this will be the end of my rambling tonight and now that summer is over and the kids are have started school (today was the first day here), I'll get back to my blogging and wishing all of you a very happy quilty day.  Let's pull out those projects that have been on hold while we had some summer fun and get down to work for real!

Happy quilting!


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