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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pillows anyone

I recently had a lady call and ask if I could make a pillow for her mother who is almost 90 years of age.  She wanted a picture on the pillow.  Well I haven't done a pillow before using the Printed Treasures but I though it really can't be that hard.  Guess what, it wasn't hard at all.

First I will say I love the Printed Treasures, which is Fabric Sheets for Inkjet Printers.  This stuff really works very well!  I've used it on memory quilts many times and they turned out great.  Just had not made a pillow with them before so.....

My customer mailed me a disc with the pictures on the disc and I simply downloaded them into my computer and printed them onto the fabric paper.   Now what could be easier....well easy for someone who has a little bit of knowledge about using a computer.  Now you don't have to have a lot and if you are reading this blog then I bet you have plenty of computer savey to get this done.  It also works very well when you have a copier.  You don't have to have a scanner, or even a computer if you have the picture that has already been printed.  You just copy it onto the fabric sheet with an ink jet copier.

The next step was to add a frame around the picture and the color I used is the color that would match the two different fabrics sent to me by my customer.  Let me back up and tell you that she had fat quarters of 2 different fabrics that she wanted used and we had talked about putting one fabric on one side and the other fabric on the other side. Simple huh!  The fabric I picked for the frame matched up well with both of the pieces the customer had sent. 

In all my purchases for the project were 2 sheets of Printed Treasures fabric paper, which I buy by the pack and get 5 sheets and the last I bought cost $18.99.  I purchased the fabric used to frame the pictures and used a fat quarter for that and also a pillow form (16" x 16") from Hobby Lobby for $8.99.  So basically $8.00 for the picture fabric $3.25 for the fat quarter for the frame with fabric left over, and $9.00 for the pillow form so $20.25 plus tax for a memory pillow and just a little time to sew it all together.

I really hope my customer's mother enjoys her pillow.  They are so simple to make, hummmmm these might be something I could do for Christmas or Birthday presents.  Now if I can catch a sell on these forms or use that 50% off coupon.  There's an ideal for the little ones floor pillows.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and lots of fun sewing and quilting.  See you next week!!

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